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May 1775 it was decided that the trademark/brand/factory stamp should consist of three wavy lines (waves), symbolizing the three waterways through Denmark; the Sound and the two belts (the Sound (Oresund)), the Great Belt and the Little Belt).

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The Mission: To prepare women to walk with God’s Power as they embrace their God given Purpose, and live in God’s Prosperity.

Growing pressure on students to perform and intense competition to get into college have generated a corresponding increase in requests from parents for evaluations, most often as a means toward qualifying for accommodations and modifications on standards and entrance tests (e.g., modifications such as untimed tests or individualized administration) as well as gathering information to understand an individual’s capacity and/or potential for career planning.

Through living lessons that are biblical sound, women will learn to govern themselves as they watch their walk, express themselves as ladies of temperament verbally and non verbally, walk as women of strength, become kingdom women, and grow to live virtuous lives. In this ministry you will be encouraged and challenged to become the man you were called to be.

Foundational Texts: The Holy Bible and the Elect Lady The Vision: Every woman walking virtuously with God, as Women of Power, Purpose and Prosperity, so that as people interact with us, they experience an expression of Jesus. Every single man that has entered into this leadership training has grown by leaps and bounds.

My goal with the teaming partners is to create a holistic approach to your psychiatric needs.

Gathers and maintains patient information and records, including social and medical history obtained from patients, relatives, and other professionals.

Abigail Alvarado (front right) says the years she spent with the Castillos were marked by brainwashing, manipulation, stalking, assault and horror.

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Youthful Women of Power, Purpose, and Prosperity© is a Sunday School class for women seeking to understand how God handpicks them for greatness.""My role as your psychiatrist is to work in a collaborative environment with psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, or other professionals to discuss treatment plans and progress. Learn, mentor, spend more time with family, give back, and enjoy your favorite activities on your time.Each has its own charm and distinctive vibe, so you’ll want to visit them all.Let us help you make the most of your visits through our Fly and Buy Travel Reimbursement and VIP Guest Pass programs.Read more Click here to request a copy of our free Active Adult Community DVD.