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But hopefully Logan doesn't revert much to his old ways, because it seems the former playboy's new responsible attitude might finally win over Veronica's father.
Remember that really cute guy who said he'd call..didn't? An all-star cast looks for love and finds laughs in this savvy, sexy, right-now romcom.

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Only now, instead of looking for Waldo, you’re looking for herpes.And he’s a much bigger national threat than Waldo ever was. There are, as the top comment on this question notes, four bases in baseball, and these have corresponding sex acts associated with them.

To use the expression correctly, you get or make it to a base, per my comment: quotation, if I interpret it correctly, they had intravaginal sex twice and then she performed oral sex on him.

Some people only consider French kissing as getting to first base.

Second base is direct physical contact, usually meaning his hands to her breast.

Talking about fifth base when there's really only four bases reminds me of the expression Up To Eleven.

If you want to downvote me for using Urban Dictionary, that's fine. First base When you get to first base, you have been lucky enough to have been kissed.