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Some important parallels with the Germanic languages have also been noted, especially in pronominal forms: A recent research found out that Venetic was a relatively archaic language significantly similar to Celtic, on the basis of morphology, while it occupied an intermediate position between Celtic and Italic, on the phonological side, but the similarities with the latter may well have arisen as areal phenomena.

Ackerbau Grünlandbetrieb - Kinderfreundlicher Ferienhof im Ort, DLG-Gütezeichen, in ruhiger, waldreicher Lage, Nähe der Porzellanstadt Selb und den Böhmischen Bädern.

It took until 1917 before completely took over the factory following the financial problems the factory had run into during the first years of the war due to the supply situation and the collapsing markets.

Shortly after the war was already able to restructure his complete business and the former factory in Selb-Plößberg went on to become the newly created art department in 1920.

Its speakers are identified with the ancient people called Veneti by the Romans and Enetoi by the Greeks.

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Leopold Sandner: Ich möchte neben den fachpraktischen und fachtheoretischen Inhalten einer Fleischerlehre gleichzeitig vertiefte betriebswirtschaftliche Inhalte lernen.Merely eleven years later the factory once again went through a similar expansion stage and also received new kilns.In 1912 (*1855, †1937) joined the company and was in 1913 already seen as potential new owner but only a short time later business literally screeched to a halt with the outbreak of the First World War - at that time the factory utilized ten round kilns and employed around 400 people.Inscriptions dedicating offerings to Reitia are one of the chief sources of knowledge of the Venetic language. The inscriptions use a variety of the Northern Italic alphabet, similar to the Etruscan alphabet.The exact relationship of Venetic to other Indo-European languages is still being investigated, but the majority of scholars agree that Venetic, aside from Liburnian, shared some similarities with the Italic languages and so is sometimes classified as Italic.Business was very promising and allowed expansion between 18.