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"But I can see them growing as friends, it's really up to the writers where these characters are going to go."Plus, Caroline is totally Team Stelen according to Accola, who spilled, "I think Caroline truly believes Stefan and Elena are supposed to be together, so I can't imagine her, at this time, trying to get in the way of that."But prepare for some whiplash, because Wesley has a completely different view of the Stefan and Caroline relationship. )When we asked if he could see their friendship grow into something more, he quickly said, "Yeah, I can see that happening and I think it will happen.

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It’s been said, and for the life of me I can’t remember by whom, that dating is the most deceptive time of our life – it’s spent trying to prove we’re someone we’re not.

But as I’ve written before, and experience shows, such charades have a shelf life; he’ll eventually come home drunk or she will have a PMS meltdown.

Last year when Dennis Rainey wrote his book, , my hubby had it read faster than I have ever seen him read any book.

He bought a case and hands them out to any dad he knows who has daughters.

The wise dads relish the opportunity to develop a real, intentional, grace-and-truth relationship with the man who might be tasked with caring for their daughter for the rest of her life.

In the first pages of Scripture, we find that great love story of Isaac and Rebekah.

But as good as ideal sounds, it’s hard to find that picture in the Bible, and ultimately it’s far too simple for most not-yet-married realities anyways. What if she’s still single at 25, 30, maybe even 40?I think of how amazing it would have been if my dad had actually sat down with and interviewed my dates when I was a teenager. My hubby has been taking our daughter out on dates since she was a little girl, so any fella' who wants to spend time with her has some big shoes to fill (literally—size 14)!For years I've told him this day was coming and for years he has wanted to avoid the subject., I take behind the woodshed single and divorced dads who abandon their financial responsibilities, then offer up an extra-hot serving of contempt for the ones who walk away from their kids altogether.In the concluding paragraphs of that piece I write, And ladies, how could you be with someone like this? That means, in this instance, do not jump in a do what feels natural, which is to punch the jerk in the face and throw him out. This will become the most incredible male on the face of the planet to your daughter. Bradley is in demand as a speaker and facilitator for mental health professionals, educators, and parenting groups. This is a time to remember your mission as a parent.