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For this purpose, the FONT element is used in combination with the attributes SIZE, COLOR and FACE like shown below.

As you have seen in the previous lessons, the font used by default is the one which is set up as the default text font in your browser.

Due to its nature of being an inline element, FONT may be used inside all inline elements and block-level elements except PRE (the element for preformatted text, see 1st Page2000´s reference).

The only things you can do with the FONT element are changing font sizes, font colors and font styles of the text of your webpages.

This is a simple guide to set the default font in an enterprise environment for Office 2013 with App Sense Environment Manager.The reason for this is simple: CSS (cascading style sheets) give you much more flexibility and many more styling options than the FONT element.Being classified as deprecated, the FONT element might become obsolete in the future but may still be used with the DTDs (Document Type Definitions) HTML 4.0, subversions "transitional" and "frameset", but in "HTML 4.0 strict".Don't fall for the trap of basing Heading 6 style on Heading 1.Either base Heading 6 on no style, or base it on Heading 5. To update all fields in the document, do ctrl-a, F9.) But …As it is supported by most browsers and still widely used today on many webpages and also appears in many of the website templates you might be using, I have decided to include this short lesson about the FONT element and its attributes, so you at least know it when you see it somewhere.