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There are many users using OKC world-wide which means that there are many people to contact on a daily basis.
The current version of the strip began on September 5, 2002 and has updated daily since.

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In tonight’s episode “The Wishbone,” When Tessa (Jane Levy) decides she wants to spend Thanksgiving in the city with her grandmother and birth mom, Dallas (Cheryl Hines) decides to fire Chef Alan and have George (Jeremy Sisto) host Thanksgiving to keep him occupied.But when George finds his cooking skills inadequate, he winds up schilling out cash to Chef Alan to help make the meal edible. For his part Gilchrist is superb as the haunted Daniel, delivering a withering, darkly engaging performance around which the main plot of the film can circulate mysteriously.

viii) Although it was never mentioned on the show, Stanfield foot soldier Cheese (Method Man) was written as the absentee father of Randy Wagstaff (Maestro Harrell), the school kid given such a hard time for snitching in Season Four.

Transitioning to M A E S T R O he now takes the mic, literally gives a voice to his passion for production delicately crafting a style steeped in R&B bombast a la The Weeknd and evocative of The Chainsmokers’ propulsive and unpredictable production.

The first single “I Don’t Care” introduces this style with a bang.

ix) Tom Waits - composer of the show's title theme, ' Way Down In The Hole' - agreed that The Wire's producers could make use of the song provided they first let him see the show.

Videotapes were promptly dispatched to the Waits household, followed by weeks of agonising silence.